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AusVaxSafety has been awarded the Data Innovation Award at Research Australia’s 19th Annual Health and Medical Research Awards for their work in delivering a nationally consistent vaccine safety surveillance in near-real time from the first day of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, the largest and most complex immunisation program ever delivered in Australia.

SmartVax is an integral part and one of the key data sources for AusVaxSafety.


SmartVax is currently monitoring patients who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

For the latest results on the safety surveillance of COVID-19 vaccines in use in Australia, visit AusVaxSafety.


Recent data from AusVaxSafety shows children aged 5-11 years are reporting fewer side effects following COVID-19 vaccination than older Australians, with local reactions (pain at injection site, swelling, redness and itching) followed by headache and fatigue being the most commonly reported side effects among this age group.

Find out more at AusVaxSafety.


The SmartVax team have developed a new  module to better understand infant food allergies.

SmartStartAllergy can be run independently or alongside SmartVax’s vaccine safety monitoring and reminder modules.

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Lakeside Medical Centre is very proud to be 1 of the 300 practices Australia wide to be running SmartVax. SmartVax sends a follow up text message 3 days after a patient has received an immunisation to enquire if they had a reaction, and if so, did they need medical attention? This software gives us the ability to monitor your reactions (if any) in real time.

Lakeside Medical Centre

New South Wales

The SmartVax system has become an important part of our practice.

Parents appreciate the follow up and it is an important marketing tool for the practice. Our staff value the safety net it provides us. Thank you for allowing us to participate.

Dr Nicole Higgins

Health On Central

We love the fact that SmartVax is a very convenient/reliable way to let our patients know that they are due or eligible for the different vaccines. It has been working wonderfully and our patients have responded to the SMS reminders well.

Cathie Bennett

Port Kennedy Medical Centre

We are really enjoying using SmartVax. It has been very helpful for informing our patients of their eligibility for vaccinations. We are getting a lot of patients making appointments in response to the texts (and we don't have to make any effort sending them).

Lois Buckeridge

Cape Naturaliste Medical Centre