SmartVax in Your Practice

SmartVax is available at NO COST for a limited number of Australian practices and immunisation providers.

Once installed, SmartVax runs in the background of your practice software, requiring no interaction or management.

The responses provided by patients are written back into the SmartVax tool.

Medically attended reactions are flagged to the GP’s software inbox and the local health authority. This is a significant flag which will be monitored in real time and acts as an early warning signal.

Software Compatibility

SmartVax is compatible with a range of practice software, including:

  • Best Practice
  • Medical Director
  • Zedmed
  • MedTech
  • WINVaccs
  • ImPSĀ 

Reminder System

SmartVax Reminders is an optional intelligent and automated SMS reminder tool embedded within the software that sends automated SMS reminders to patients when their scheduled vaccination is due.

This service is available at a nominal fee for vaccinations for:

  • Children under 5
  • COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Booster
  • Zoster – ages 70 or 70-79
  • Pneumococcal – ages 70 or 70+
  • Influenza – all funded groups

Patient Engagement

Patient response rates for the SmartVax messaging system have been extremely positive.

Feedback from patients has shown they value the direct interaction from the medical provider and appreciate the follow-up text after immunisation. This benefits the practice by increasing patient satisfaction and retention rates.

We encourage participating practices and immunisation providers to advise their patients about SmartVax during the vaccination and provide supporting brochures and materials to enable this.